Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Squatters - Mordheim AAR

The Mordheim campaign continues, and Reinhard's Rangers found themselves fighting against Mike's Carnival of Chaos in the streets inside the city's walls. 

The scenario was Occupy, and we rolled up four buildings for the objectives which were (going clockwise) the skull tower in the center, the wizard's tower with the spiral staircase, the yellow square tower, and the red shingle roof building.

Mike and I deployed opposite of each other and I won the roll for first turn. Apart from some shooting on my side (and a lucky critical hits from my leader's Elf Bow), both warbands sprinted to get into the nearest buildings. I managed to place some men in the skull tower and the yellow tower (knowing that I could rush at least my leader and a champion into the red roof building before the game was over. Mike got a couple guys into the second floor of the skull tower, and a few more into the wizards tower.

So the game ended up mostly being a fight between the units in the yellow tower. For a couple turns it seemed like the two sides were evenly matched and the game would end in a draw. Unfortunately, even with my Warrior Priest's Hammer of Sigmar spell (and why does he only get Academic skills?!), my men in the tower were eventually overpowered and taken out, leaving it in the squishy, sticky hands of the Carnival in the last turn.

The after-game rolls weren't terribly bad for me. Mike lost a couple Henchmen, but got a decent number of advances for his warband. I got a few advances as well: my Leader gained Quick Shot and my Warrior Priest gained Healing Hand, which seems extremely useful.  The spell allows models that are knocked down or stunned to instantly get back up, and it only needs a 5+ on 2d6 to be successfully cast. My Outlaws (re: meatshields) went up to WS4, which is great for their intended use.

Unfortunately, my warband didn't come away unscathed. My Warrior Priest will be missing the next game, and my Petty Thief was killed, so most of my gold was spent acquiring a new one, and I also rolled high enough on my Rarity rolls to get another Lucky Trinket/Rabbit's Foot combo for my second Champion. One more game and I should have enough to give it to my Petty Thief, and that will see my Heroes kitted out. Although Mike did point out to me the usefulness of Fire Arrows...

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