Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Fall In 2018, Ogre Kingdoms vs. High Elves - Warmaster Revolution AAR

My final game of the tournament was against Dave, the organizer, and his High Elves. The scenario was Flank Attack, were the attacker had to designate about a third of their force to arrive from one of the battlefield's flank after a random amount of time. Victory was determined by VP from breaking units, or breaking an opponent's army. 

Dave's elves took cover in the fields on his side, while my Ogres once again took their sweet time getting a move on.

As his force largely consisted of archers and spearmen, I knew that my Ogres could rip into Dave's army, if only I could reach them in time.

Dave's army could put out a frightening amount of shots that, because they're High Elves, mostly hit on 3+. With his supporting Reavers, Elven Bolt Throwers, and Wizards, my forces ended up getting hammered on the way in.

Of course, as I was wrangling with my army and trying to get to grips with those pesky long-ears, Dave's flanking force showed up. I had to throw one of my Irongut units over to the right to try and slow down oncoming cavalry.

You also might notice a distinct lack of Giant. That's because he decided to chase a butterfly all the way to the edge of my back table edge, effectively remcoing him from the game.

Now the game was mostly played on the right flank, as my left crumbled. I was trying to deal with elves on three fronts, and it wasn't going well.

For a bright, shining moment, however, it seemed like my Ogres, with their higher Attack and Hit values, would be able to pull out a victory in the scrum, as they tore through one of Dave's battalions.

That dream was shattered when my commander was forced into a unit when retreating from a High Elf unit, and was then charged by chariots in the open. And on a flank.

The Tyrant was killed, and the Ogres broke and fled, leaving the High Elves in command of the field.

All-in-all, I had a great time during the tournament. Dave did a great job of adapting 6th Edition Warhammer Fantasy Battle scenarios to Warmaster, my opponents were fun to play against, and I feel like the three games helped me get a handle on the rules.

As I've said before on plenty of other blog posts, I'm hoping to play more in the future. And I've got another army (Dogs of War) to get painted!


  1. I look forward to seeing that Dogs of War army on the table.

    1. So do I! I've got some ideas on how to paint it, with different colors for each brigade... but we'll see.