Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Painting Update - Red Book of the Elf King, ADLG, Blood Bowl

Here's a look at what I've been working on since the last update. 

These are the six Thanes currently released for the Red Book of the Elf King. They're somewhat akin to the Warcasters and Warlocks of Warmachine/Hordes. They're powerful warriors capable of wading into a fight, while also having access to powerful spells. Each Thane has its own special rules and weapons, and tend towards either being better at close combat or spellcasting. 

A Circle of Companions accompany the Thane into battle, and a normal sized game of Red Book of the Elf King will see a Thane leading six units of Companions (made up of three elves each).

The stats and abilities of the Companions change depending on which Thane is leading the warband - some might be able to move and shoot their magic with a slight penalty, while others ignore Courage tests taken from magical attacks. It makes for a fun bit of variation.

I also completed a Tamil Indian army for ADLG, and ran it at a tournament (you can find the AARs on the blog).

It's a pretty simple force - lots of Medium Foot and Elephants, with some Mediocre Bowmen and Cavalry to round out the flanks. With poor command and no initiative, it really relies on marching forward and hoping the first round of combat goes well.

In its first tournament, I lost two games and won one. Hopefully I can get this force out on the table in the near future.

Recently I kickstarted a Blood Bowl team from Gaspez Arts. It's supposed to be a Slann team, but modelled after the Kislev that were added to the Blood Bowl video game (who wanted to add the Slann, but weren't allowed by Games Workshop. Thus, Fantasy Russian Acrobats). The miniatures are resin and the details are crisp. I'm looking forward to playing them soon.

As for what's coming up, I'm heading to Fall In! this weekend. I'll be taking part in a Warmaster Revolution tournament, as well as playing in a few other convention games. And there will probably be loot to show off as well.


  1. The Red Book elf stuff looks really good! I like the minis but they don't scream "elf" to me.


    1. Thanks! And I think that's intentional. They're supposed to be more along the lines of warrior, almost alien-like fae that are inscrutable to regular mortals (who will be in the game and can wield deadly iron).