Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Fall In 2018, Ogre Kingdoms vs. Dark Elves - Warmaster Revolution AAR

My second game in the tournament was against Kalpesh and his Dark Elves (featuring a pair of awesomely painted Hydras). The scenario was Breakthrough - whoever had the most points in their enemy's deployment zone at the end of the game won, with the defender winning a tie.

As before, both sides spent the first three turns moving their units up across the battlefield. My Ogres, flush from their first victory, apparently weren't listening all that well, so there were a few hangups in moving my lines.

In the fourth turn, Kal's Dark Elves demonstrated just how deadly their Cold One knights could be, as he wiped out both my Scrap Launchers and my Leadbelchers, leaving my right flak completely exposed.

However, the following turn swing heavily in the Ogre's favor. They won multiple combats on Kal's right flank, and contained the Hydra in the rear for the moment. I also swung a battalion of Bulls over to cover my right just in case Kal brought his knights in.

By turn six, both sides seemed pretty exhausted from the fighting and were heavily diminished on the table. Kal's luck turned against him, and his commanders had caused multiple blunders, bringing his General down from Command 10 to 8.

I failed to get my Rhinox Riders into his deployment zone, but he also failed to get his Hydra into mine, resulting in a tie. As I was the defender, it meant that I won the game.

Kal was a great opponent, and this was a fun game with an end result that swung back and forth a couple times. The Dark Elve's drawback of the Generals Command loss if Kal rolled boxcars ended up saving me.

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