Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Fall In 2018, Ogre Kingdoms vs. High Elves - Warmaster Revolution AAR

At Fall In this past weekend, I took part in a Warmaster tournament run by Dave of Warmonger Miniatures. I'd been looking forward to the event, both as a learning experience and as an oppurtunity to put my newly finished Black Gate Miniatures ogres on the table. 

The other participants in the tournament were Dave (High Elves), Shawn (High Elves), Kalpesh (Dark Elves) and Karl (Skaven). So chances were more than likely my Ogres would be snacking on tasty elf-flesh by the end of the day. 

Shawn was my opponent in the first round. The scenario was Take and Hold, with four objectives on the table of various worth.

For the first turns, both sides moved forward (apart from my Rhinox Riders, who seemed happy to sit on their flank and do nothing).

The first combat was between Shawn's Dragon Rider and my Slave Giant. The monsters squared off and ended up badly wounding each other before tieing in combat and backing off. This allowed me to pull my Giant back and open up on the diminished dragon with my Leadbelchers, who shotgunned the monster to death.

While our armies faced off in the middle, Shawn used his Giant Eagles to threaten my artillery. I had to use my Rhinox Riders to deter the eagles, who retreated back towards the elven lines. This got them caught up in the general melee, and the eagles ended up as chicken wings for the ogres.

General fighting broke out in the center between the two armies. On the left, the massed Ogres ended up pushing and breaking apart the elven line, rampaging and genreally having a grand time of it.

On the right, however, the unsupported Leadbelchers were shot by archers and then charged by Silverhelms. While I managed to divert some Bull Ogres and Ironguts over there, by the time the reinforcements arrived I only had a single stand left of the two units.

However, I managed to break Shawn's army, and had enough VP to win the game. The Ogres got their first win!

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