Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Barrage 2018, Tamil Indians vs. Nikephorian Byzantines - ADLG AAR

This past weekend I travelled down to Maryland to take part in a 15mm L'Art de la Guerre tournament at Barrage 2018.

I had been furiously working on a Tamil Indian force, thinking I'd been in the Ancients bracket of the tournament (the split being between pre- and post-1000 CE lists). 

However, I was surprised to discover I had been placed in the post-1000 bracket!

That didn't affect my overall strategy much, however. With Elephants, Impetuous infantry, and Ordinary commanders, my army would simply march across the table and hope to roll high on the dice when in combat. 

My first opponent was Joe, who brought Nikephorian Byzantines. 

Despite all the elephants on the table, he elected to keep his units mounted, which allowed him to rapidly re-deployed his knights and heavy cavalry away from one of my commands. 

With all the shooting available to his army, I decided to push my units into combat as quickly as possible. The first round went decently for me, with the Elephants and Impact/Impetus Medium Swordsmen causing cohesion lost across Joe's line of infantry. 

Unfortunately, the dice then swung completely in the other direction, and I saw most of the two commands in combat simply evaporate, leaving Joe with the win. 


  1. Always the way with Indians, no matter the era.

    1. Not the most interesting army for a general, but it's certainly consistent!