Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Barrage 2018, Tamil Indians vs. Medieval Germans - ADLG AAR

My second game at Barrage was against Bill and his Medieval Germans. 

Unlike Joe, Bill decided to dismount what cavalry he could at the start of the game. 

However, since this mean most of his units were heavy infantry, I technically had a "faster" army, and I managed to reach the middle of the battlefield first. 

This meant that when combat came, I was able to claim the top of the hill on the left, which gave me a height advantage in combat. 

While my right flank ponderously swung around, the other two commands were having a decent go of it thanks to some hot dice, and I was able to liberally spread cohesion damaged against Bill's army. 

This time, the Indians managed to hang on in the scrum, and enough of Bill's units routed for me to score a victory.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! Bill's knights were especially colorful.

  2. So, I assume a mechanic in this game is that horses get scared of elephants and camels then?

    1. Correct - it's a -1 modifier to combat rolls if horses are either fighting against or adjacent to elephants and camels.