Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Flipping Out - Warhammer: Diskwars AAR

When Fantasy Flight Games and Games Workshop had their falling out, I took the opportunity to grab enough of the Warhammer: Diskwars boxes to be set for life (two starter boxes and one each of the expansions). I found the premise of the game intriguing, and I'm always interested in playing a game that simulates a miniatures battle through other means. 

Kevyn was kind enough to agree to a game, and chose to form his army from two Vampire Count regiments and one Orc regiment. I decided to take three Empire Regiments. (I've set the game up with the pre-made regiments in each box's rules, which makes 84 possible army combinations!)

The table was set up with two marshes, a lake, and a gully. 

We both set out our deployed units. Early moves saw my Hochland Pistoliers take out a unit of Wolf Riders, but were pinned in return.

Our first turn was mostly spent reinforcing units onto the table, with limited ranged skirmishing.

The Orc hero, Azhag the Slaughterer, rolled up and used his Fist of Mork to take out three of my units and place a wound on my Steam Tank. In return, I had Luthor Huss and a unit of Knights Panther pin Azhag, who took enough damage to be removed from the table. For the moment, the battle seemed to be in the balance.

However, it only took a turn for the battle to turn. One of the Vampire Counts fell, along with more of their units. With numbers on their sides, the advantage fell to the Empire.

The next two turns went quickly, with the Empire units killing another Vampire Counts hero and mopping up the remaining undead units.

With the game ended at turn five, we revealed our objectives. I scored a victory point for every enemy unit removed from the table, while Kevyn scored five victory points for every enemy hero removed from the table. With no heroes lost, the Empire managed a crushing victory (with an asterisk. I did make a mistake with one of the deployment zones, meaning I had a few more activations then I should have been allowed. Something to remember next time!)

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