Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Graveyard Rave - Strange Aeons AAR

Kevyn's Threshold team was back, having dusted themselves off from their last unfortunate encounter with the weird. 

The scenario was Retrieve the Artifacts, with four markers scattered around an old graveyard. The Threshold team would need to secure these artifacts while dealing with the Lurkers.

The night's calm was broken by the shrieking and whooping of an approaching horde of Degenerates - a local family guarding the dark secrets of the burial grounds, whipped into a frenzy by the unseen hand of the Cult of the Dying Light.

It seemed as though the task would be an easy one, as the horde's numbers were countered by the Threshold team's marksmanship. The team managed to secure three of the four artifacts.

The team leader, was set upon by a pair of degenerates, however. He took a wound, but managed to keep fighting. 

Hoping to save her leader, one of the Agents charged into the fray. However, the grisly and hideous nature of the degenerates was enough of a shock to send the agent into a catatonic state.

With no support, the team leader fell, as did the prone and unresponsive agents. It only took a moment, but suddenly the Threshold team's chance of victory suddenly looked very much in doubt. The civilian photographer was attacked and bore down by another degenerate.

The remaining Agent faced off against three of the nearly inhuman monsters. Her .22 pistol fired again and again, but the small caliber bullets weren't enough to drop the approaching Lurkers.

One of the Degenerates finally reached the Agent and bashed her over the head. A backup team from the Threshold was able to rescue the defeated agents, but not before one of their numbers had died. With another defeat, the team was told to re-equip with more weaponry and personnel. Only time would tell if this would be enough to deal with the Cult of the Dying Light's growing influence.

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