Friday, August 4, 2017

Snakehead Shootout - Fistful of Lead AAR

Gary, Carl and I gathered together for a game of Fistful of Lead. We decided on a variation of one of the scenarios in the book. Each of our gangs had a hidden leader. I needed to kill Gary's leader, Gary had to kill Carl's leader, and Carl had to kill my leader. So all three gangs would need to try and strike at their targets, while keeping the other gang of their back.

The scene was the old abandoned Snakehead mineshaft.

The three gangs arrived, having thought to sneak up on their target, only to be ambushed in turn!

Hot lead quickly filled the air. My gang was mostly armed with pistols compared to Gary's and Carl's rifle-equipped gangs, which meant I had more bodies but had to get closer to engage.

Carl and I savaged each other gangs while Gary's cowpunks moved to take cover by the mine's entrance.

When we realized that Gary's gang was unhurt and looking for a fight, Carl and I decided to call a truce to try and deal with the third gang.

By that point, however, it was too late. Gary's advantage in numbers and guns - along with some decent close combat rolls - saw the end of Carl's gang.

With Carl's gang out of the fight, my remaining gunslinger traded shots with Gary's last two gang members. Both sides had to retreat, however, with the coming arrival of local law enforcement.

That put victory squarely in Gary's hand, as he had managed to both kill his target while keeping his leader alive.


  1. It was lots of fun! Glad to see my Frito Banditos win for a change.

    We need to play this more often.


    1. Yeah, hopefully we can get FFoL to the table more often.