Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Run the Gauntlet - Strange Aeons AAR

Somehow, my Threshold team found themselves in danger once again. 

After investigating a disturbed graveyard, the team was ambushed by a rogue Threshold agent who had turned against the agency and had brought a number of the Cult of the Dying Light. 

The agents had to reach the opposite edge of the table and escape before the cultists could take them down.

Leading the way, the head Agent's Tommy gun tore through a cultist and the cult leader. Watching his meat shields take the brunt of the attack, the rouge Agent took aim with his .45 pistol and downed the Threshold loyalist.

Seeing her chance, one Agent managed to flee the table.

The remaining Agent exchanged close-range fire with the remaining cultist...

... and then leaped into close combat, knocking the deranged human to the ground.

Now with a clear path for escape, the Agent fled. The rogue Agent fired again and again, the bullets impacting against the mausoleums and graves but missing the loyalist.

The final Agent escapes, and the team is successful, bringing a map piece back to headquarters. The lead Agent took a major wound, unfortunately, and became a Brain Case - fearless, but unable to learn or cast spells.

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