Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Arachnophobia - Gruntz AAR

While I'm still waiting for my VTOLs to arrive, Gary was kind enough to let me borrow his DEVGRU and USA forces to use in Gruntz against his Prang. 

Our game once again on the eye-searing Prang homeworld. We used a scenario in which the humans would need to defend three objectives as reinforcements came onto the board, while the Prang would need to destroy those objectives in six turns. As the defender, I placed two objectives on both flanks of my table side, while Gary placed his objective behind the rocky formation in the center.

The humans started with their infantry and snipers prone, and three spider tanks. The Prang had their entire force on the table - a collection of slow, heavily armored tanks and APCs, and a massive dropship.

The Prang started by double-timing across the table. 

The humans got a single ATM armored car to arrive. Then the spider tanks emerged out of cover and opened fire, scoring solid hits against the lead Prang vehicles.

The Prang returned fire, scoring some hits. An APC speed towards the objective on the human's left side of the table, disgorging a Prang infantry squad into cover.

The humans received another reinforcement as a heavy wheeled APC rolled onto the table. Their second salvo ripped into the Prang forces, destroying a tank and two APCs.

The Prang pushed on, using their dropship full of warbots to get behind one of the humans' spider tanks and let rip with its weaponry. The humans tried to focus fire on the dropship, but between the damaged systems on the spider tanks and the dropship's micro-CIWS, most of the fire was ineffective. 

With the clock counting down on the scenario, Gary raced his dropship further into the human lines, approaching the objective on the right side of the table. The spider tank in the middle of the table finally fell to Prang plasma weaponry.

Unfortunately, further reinforcements and concentrated fire brought the dropship down, along with the warbots. Another APC was destroyed, and the armored wheeled APC used its Gatling gun to mow down the remaining Prang infantry by the left objective.

The Prang moved in for one last push, with their infantry mortars decimating one of the defending human infantry squads. But there simply weren't enough Prang units remaining to make much of  a difference. The humans finished the game by taking out the Prang mobile artillery unit.

The VP count at the end of the game gave the humans a solid win, thanks in large part to the spider tanks. They're extremely mobile, relatively hard to damage, and pack enough firepower to do some major damage on their own. The Prang vehicles might have been more heavily armored, but enough concentrated fire from the humans was usually enough to get through the aliens' defenses.


  1. I decided that the U.S. drone tanks had too many weapons and dropped the Lt. Missile system, and the Prangbots now have jump packs. I should have the bots, Raider Lt. VTOL & 2 more artillery walkers painted this week. I also oredered another unit of bots.....