Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Flames of War - SAGA AAR

Kevyn and I met up for the third season of our Age of the Wolf campaign. With the Normans defending and the Viking raiding, we rolled the Harry and Burn scenario. Floki and the northmen were on the attack, looking to burn down the buildings and fields on the table. Louis needed to keep the village safe for the sake of his reputation. 

The Normans started with their crossbowmen in the village, while the rest of the mounted units were on the table edge. The Vikings started with their warriors and warlord in the woods, while the hearthguard had gotten as close to the village as possible.

The armored Vikings moved in towards the waiting crossbowmen.

The Normans wasted no time, galloping towards the oncoming Vikings. The crossbowmen fired a volley, managing to down a hearthguard with a well-aimed bolt.

The Vikings retaliated by wiping out half the crossbowmen, and set a field on fire for good measure.

The sound of horses surrounded the village. Louis readied his knights for a charge into the woods, while another group engaged the lone Viking hearthguard in the village center. The crossbowmen launched another volley, felling the single Viking hearthguard.

Another group of Viking hearthguard moved in towards the knights, readying their weapons.

The Normans attacked, but to less-than-desirous results. The fight against the warriors in the woods was indecisive, and the knights in the village failed to put a dent in their Viking opponents. The mounted soldiers on the right were left waiting to see if the Viking warlord would come out of the woods.

Meanwhile, the Vikings managed to set fire to one of the buildings, and routed the knights, leaving the Norman warlord exposed.

Wheeling his mounted around, Louis called back his knights to focus on the Vikings in the village. Another Viking hirdman fell, a crossbow bolt in his back.

The Vikings turned and wiped out the crossbowmen, as the warriors in the woods emerged, hoping to get at the Norman knights from behind.

But mounted men weren't going to be caught off-guard. The knights in the village charged the hirdmen, riding them down. Another unit of knights moved in to attack the lone Viking, while the mounted Warriors moved closer to the Viking warlord.

The remaining Vikings moved out into the open, hoping to reach the Normans before their mounts could be reined in.

Seeing an opportunity, the Norman warriors charged the Viking warlord. A fierce combat followed, with the Viking warlord falling in combat, but taking more than half the mounted warriors with him.

The Vikings launched one last attack against a unit of knights, before both sides retired from the village.

After tallying up the victory points, it turned out that the Vikings had won, thanks to the bonus points from burning the field and building. Far from hampering him, Floki's wounds turned out to be superficial, and the Viking warlord increased his reputation and wealth. Unfortunately, a Levy upgrade went unused with no Levy in the Viking forces. Louis managed to gain a bit of reputation despite his losses.


  1. Awesome! I'm just now trying to break into SAGA. I have the rulebooks and am busily 3D printing a Viking warband. I want to introduce my local wargaming group to the game, because I think they'll eat it up.

    1. I hope the game takes - it's a lot of fun. Any pictures of the 3d printed models? I'd like to see those.