Tuesday, May 30, 2017

2:10 to Jaeger City - Fistful of Lead AAR

For our second game, Carl and I decided to use the "3:10 to Yucca" scenario from the  Fistful of Lead rulebook.

The roughs would need to get the captured bandidos leader to the coach to secure victory. Meanwhile, the sister of the bandidos leader had shown up, hoping to free her captured sibling and escape.

 With the rough's leader providing covering fire from the old fort's battlements, the roughs moved out.

The bandidos didn't waste any time, opening fire on the roughs who were stuck out in the open.

Fighters on both sides were taking hits and diving to the ground. As both sides continued to fire at each other, the sister fell in combat against the ex-Army officer

The roughs were bogged down, unable to recover from their wounds or being pinned down. One bandido rushed the downed hostage-holder, hoping to free the captured leader.

That combat didn't go in favor of the bandido, who was killed by a lucky shot from the prone rough's pistol. But that distracted the rough long enough for another bandido to sneak up behind and put a bullet in his back. Now free, the bandido leader took off running without a second glance. On reflection, she had never really like her older sister all that much.

This was a fun, action-packed game with plenty of back and forth on both sides. If Carl's shooting hadn't stopped the rough escorting the hostage, I might've had a chance to get her onboard the coach and secure victory. Instead, I suppose the roughs will need to watch their backs for some time.


  1. Atmospheric, bloody...and beautiful!

    1. Thanks! Carl's the one that brought the terrain, which made for a scenic game.