Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Norman Ambush! - SAGA AAR

After a short break, Kevyn and I got back together to continue our Age of the Wolf games. For this season, Floki went a-viking, leading a Campaign into the Norman lands. Louis, seeing an opportunity after the Vikings had struck against a settlement, gathered his knights for a raid against the encumbered northmen.

We rolled and got the Forest Road Ambush scenario, where the Normans would be laying in wait as the Vikings used a road (denoted by a inconsequential fence) to quickly get back to their boats. Floki was once again leading his warband, with two units of hearthguard and warriors each. Louis had brought three units of hearthguard and some crossbow-armed warriors.

The vikings were surprised when the sudden and violent sounds of horses and horns echoed through the forest. Unfortunately, Floki's The Penny ability kept the Normans at bay.

The northmen split into three groups - one unit of warriors moving ahead, while the hearthguard surrounded their leader.

Starting to pick up initiative, the Normans slammed into the head and tail of the Viking group, slaying or chasing off a number of the invaders. One hearthguard went down, pierced by a crossbow bolt. But the Vikings weren't going to go down without a fight, dragging a few of the knights from their mounts.

The Vikings, seeing their numbers being whittled down, decided to move towards the board edge and a chance of escape.One group of warriors attempted a delaying action against the Norman Warlord and his retinue, while a hearthguard unit chased off their mounted counterparts.

The Normans decided to wait as a lull in the fight came, calming their steeds. A fresh group of knights began to move through the woods as the crossbowmen advanced back into range.

The wait gave the Vikings an opportunity to rout a unit of knights, moving closer to escape.

Not willing to throw more men into the fight, Louis ordered his crossbowmen to harry the retreating vikings, picking off another hearthguard as Floki made his way to freedom. With his men scattered but his pride intact, victory went to the Vikings.

Floki used a point of Wealth to double the incoming numbers of warriors, and managed to recruit a pair of hearthguard to form a new unit. Louis brought in a young knight to replace a casualty, and returned to his holdings to discover that the tax collection had gone well, increasing his Wealth.

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