Friday, January 20, 2017

Mirror Skirmish - Open Combat AAR

Following up from the last post, Carl and I switched warbands and tried the same scenario with a different deployment. 

While the Danes were closely gathered around their dwellings, the Vikings had them surrounded.

The two main groups of combatants approached each other, readying their weapons.

A small clash began, with one Viking spearman hurrying to catch up, while the Danish slinger and Viking archers looked to opportunities to fire into the melee.

Meanwhile, a sneaky berserker tried getting around to the defenseless slingers, but was stopped by a pair of spearmen. What could have been an epic melee ended abruptly when the berserker was pushed off the table, resulting in a casualty.

Meanwhile, the shoving match out front of the dwellings continued, with the last Viking spearman finally getting into combat. He was replacing another spearman who was knocked silly and then killed by a full volley of sling bullets.

The melee continued, each side trying to gain the upper-hand.

A rather nasty round of combat left the Vikings down a few men, as the Danes resolutely advanced.

The Viking leader finally decided to get into the action, and the Vikings recovered, sending a couple enemies to Valhalla.

Unfortunately, the Viking leader wasn't as brave as he seemed to be, and after a couple of hits, the warband reached the breaking point and retreated.

Again, another quick game, and interesting thanks to the combat mechanics. There was plenty of shoving and positioning to make placement important when attacking. We're hoping to get this game back out soon, using different scenarios.

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