Friday, March 25, 2016

Tread Softly - Heroes of the Aturi Cluster AAR

Raider Squadron is back after a fresh start, along with some new members!

Rebel Command: "Our efforts to undermine the Empire's operations in the Nulan system are getting noticed. Imperial forces have begun cracking down on hyperspace travel by deploying minefields along hyperspace routes favored by smugglers. 

We aren't in any danger yet, but this operation has the potential to disrupt our supply lines and restrict our future movements. 

Our best option is a pre-emptive strike - get out there and clear those mines!"

Raider Squadron
Raider Two: X-Wing
Pilot: Brian
Callsign: Starfish

Raider Three: Y-Wing
Pilot: Bob
Callsign: Screwball

Raider Four: Y-Wing
Pilot: Dan
Callsign: Stinger

Raider Two: "I've got a Dupe patrolling the minefield. Target's locked, I'm going in."

Raider Three: "Roger, Starfish. Stinger and I will work on clearing these mines."

Raider Three: "Careful, One. That Dupe's laying out mines as fast as we can take them out."

Raider Two: "Not for long, Screwball. I just need another good shot."

Raider Four: "Might need a little help over here, guys..."

Raider Three: "Getting friendly with the locals, Stinger?"

Raider Four: "Not funny, Three! Get these Eyeballs off me!"

Raider Two: "One Dupe chased off, but I've got another one behind me. Just my luck."

Raider Two: "Gotta clear these mines, or I'm going to get spaced!"

Raider Four: "Run, you Imp cowards! And don't come back!"

Raider Three: "Good shooting, Four. Mines in our area are gone. How're things holding up with you, Two?"

Raider Two: "It's getting a little crowded here, Three!"

Raider Three: "On it, Two. Get that Dupe, and leave the Eyeballs to us."

Raider Two: "And down goes the Dupe!"

Raider Four: "Woah! Eyeball's getting a little close for comfort."

Raider Three: "Get those mines cleared, Four. The Imp's not going anywhere."

Raider Four: "The mines are gone..."

Raider Three: "And say goodbye to the last Tie! The route is clean and the Imps are on the run."

Raider Two: "Alright, Raider Squadron. Engage hyperdrives and let's get back to base. Drinks are on me!"

Rebel Command: "Excellent job, pilots. Keeping those routes clear of mines will buy us the time we need to take delivery of some much needed supplies."


  1. Awesome! Looks great, even more so on that playmat. Nice recap - gets me motivated to finish the prep of materials for a campaign in the Anchorage area.

    1. Thanks! Get finished and start playing - it's a fantastic game.