Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Defector - Heroes of the Aturi Cluster AAR

Once again, Raider Squadron has been tasked with a new mission.

Rebel Command: "One of the test pilots for the Empire's new space superiority fighter, the TIE Defender, is a Rebel sympathizer. She's been in contact with our operatives and wishes to defect with a stolen prototype."

Rebel Command: "The best opportunity for us to help her escape intact will be during one of her squadron's training exercises in the Parein system.

We'll jump in, make contact and provide cover while she escapes. However, she won't know we're here to cover her, and we won't know which of the prototypes is hers, until we can make visual contact."

Raider Squadron
Raider One: X-Wing
Pilot: Kevyn
Callsign: Idol

Raider Two: X-Wing
Pilot: Brian
Callsign: Starfish

Raider Three: Y-Wing
Pilot: Bob
Callsign: Screwball

Raider One: "We're heading right into the middle of a training exercise, so we'll have the element of surprise for a short period of time. All we need to do is cover the defector until she hits lightspeed and jumps back to safety. We go in fast, hit hard, and get out before the Imps realize what's happening."

Raider Three: "Hutt's balls, Idol, you weren't kidding about getting stuck in, were you?"

Raider One: "Okay, so maybe things got a little more heated than we expected. Scanning now..."

Defector: "Are you the ones who are supposed to get me out of here?"

Raider Two: "Supposed to, yeah. We've got you covered, get your hyperdrive started and get out of here."

Defender Pilot: "You're working with these rebel scum? Traitor!"

Defector: "Hyperdrive is still warming up, and I'm taking a lot of hits. What are you idiots doing out there?"

Raider One: "We're working on it, lady. Give us some slack and focus on escaping!"

Raider Three: "She's out! I repeat, she's out!"

Raider Two: "And not a moment too soon. We've got a shuttle coming in with reinforcements!"

Raider One: "Raider Squadron, retreat and go to lightspeed. Let's make sure the newest addition to the Rebellion made it back base in one piece."

Rebel Command: "Pilots, today has been a great victory over the Empire. We've captured a TIE Defender! We may be able to adapt some of this ship's advanced weapons technology."

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