Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Wishing Well - Frostgrave AAR

One of the local stores has started a Frostgrave campaign, which Kevyn and I decided to join. Of course, on the day we went, no one else showed up, so after a game of Guild Ball against Alex and his Masons, I played a game of Frostgrave with Kevyn, with our new warbands. 

Since no one else was there, we got the chance to not only use a really cool 4'x4' board made by one of the store's employees, but we also raided the store's terrain cabinets to cover that larger playing area (a normal game of Frostgrave is played on a 3'x3' area).

We decided to play the Well of Dreams and Sorrows scenario, which has regular treasure placement, but any wizard that drinks from the well in the center of the table gains 100 extra experience points - basically, a free level.

Kevyn's warband was lead by a Thaumaturge, and included a Captain from the new Sellswords supplement.

And while I took my original roster, which I think works well, I decided to run an Elementalist instead of a Sigilist. I wanted to see how well Elemental Bolts really worked.

As it turned out, they worked really well, as Logarius the Elementalist took out Corvis the Thaumaturge in the second turn.

However, Logarius traded a large portion of his health to successfully cast the spell, and was felled by an archer's arrow in the same turn. Because of that, neither of us could drink from the well and gain the extra level.

Kevyn's Captain didn't fair well, either, being taken out by my lowly infantryman's halberd. 

My two Thugs carried off two treasure tokens, and my Treasure Hunter killed one of Kevyn's thugs and got his treasure as well. My last treasure token was secured by a crossbowman who kept hold of the treasure as the warband retreated off the table. My thief, however, didn't manage to reach his counterpart in Kevyn's warband before the enemy thief got off the table with a treasure token. Kevyn secured two others.

Of course, just before the game ended, Kevyn's archers (the MVPs of the game, really) turned my apprentice into a pin cushion and killed him.

In the after-game, Logarius lost his staff but survived; his apprentice, however, died. However, the treasure tokens turned out to be 580 gold coins, a Potion of Healing, and a Potion of Teleportation. After establishing his base at one of the many Inns popping up around the frozen city, Logarius had a Kennel built, and then hired a new apprentice, a Knight, and another Thug, bringing the warband up to twelve members - hopefully a numerical advantage against any other warbands that might be encountered in the future.

In addition, Logarius increased his health by 1 and made both Fleet Feet and Elemental Bolt easier to cast by 1.

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