Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Painting Update - Kings of War

This week's update brings us back to Kings of War, with the second of three large infantry blocks.

This time it's four bases of halberdiers. Since they're multi-based on the smallest sized elements, these can be used as four Troops, two Regiments, or one massive Horde.

And because of the way I based these units, they're multi-purpose between the Kingdoms of Men and League of Rhordia lists.

In the Kingdoms of Men list, the previously shown swordsmen and the halberdiers can be used as Shield Wall units and Polearm Block units, respectively. Alternatively, both units could be used as Foot Guard, with the halberdiers giving up a point of defense for Crushing Strength (1).

In the League of Rhordia, these bases can be mixed together to represent Citizen Militia units - cheap, low-defense troops with Crushing Strength (1).

With the halberdiers done, I'm moving on to the last big group of infantry. From there, I can work on some of the more interesting parts of the project, like the warmachines, heroes, or the big Steam Tank that I've converted for use as a Beast of War or Iron Beast.


  1. Excellent! Great looking units and the modular approach you have taken is ideal in my opinion.

    1. Thanks! Although the modular method does make it a little more difficult to move the units, compared to a single larger base. I'm thinking about some black-coated underbases just to make movement/pivoting easier.