Friday, November 27, 2015

Masons vs. Butchers - Guild Ball AAR

Another Guild Ball post to round out the week.  I played a couple games against Alex and his Butchers at Enter the Realm.

The first game ended with an absolute Butcher blow-out, 14-0. The Masons were torn to pieces during the match, and I ended up losing five players over the course of three turns. Adding insult to injuries, Alex then had Brisket send the pigskin slamming home into the Mason's goal post!

Wow. My first taste of the Butchers was pretty nasty. They can move fast and they really, really hurt when they attack - nothing like the Morticians or Brewers! It probably didn't help that I ended up bunching my team up in the middle of the pitch.

The second game ended in another Butcher win at 12-6, but at least I managed to get onto the board. The Butchers took four Masons players, and Brisket scored again. Flint managed to get a goal in, and Honor did take out Shank, and almost knocked Ox out of the game. Unfortunately, I could never get enough Influence in one place to make a decent play.

And it definitely didn't help that my dice were horrible during both games.

So, what did these games teach me? Well, I know that Masons are definitely at a disadvantage against Butchers. The team needs to be bunched up to get their buffs, but Butchers love having opponents that are close together. And Masons generally don't have the movement or plays to run around the Butchers. I can send Flint or Harmony forward and hope to score, but then watch them get chewed up. The best thing I do can do is to keep playing against the Butchers and learn how to work against them.

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