Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The End to a Summer of Hobby

Three months ago I wrote out what I planned to do hobby-wise during the summer. With Oktoberfest beers and pumpkin-flavored everything coming back, I think we can safely say that summer is over. So let's see what I ended up getting done.

I finished painting the entirety of my British for Flames of War, which will be featuring in an article sometime soon.

Unfortunately, my Germans remain relatively untouched. I never really got the chance to sit down and do the sort of' 'block painting' that lets me get a large amount of miniatures done in a short amount of time. However, with arrival of Plastic Soldier Company's sprays coming to the Warstore in October, getting a layer of dunkelgelb on the vehicles at the very least won't be a problem.

I didn't work on terrain all that much either. A rug did get cut up for some fields.

Here I've made the most progress. The Vikings are fully painted, based, and finished. I've also added a unit of Levy archers for some ranged support (though the Vikings Battleboard doesn't offer much in the way of improving ranged attacks). The Anglo-Danes are also coming along nicely, with a finished Warlord, and unit each of Warriors and Hearthguard that need to be based and varnished. The other Warrior and Hearthguard units are still primed black.

Nada. Nothing. It's disappointing. I've been taking so long to get them done that the infantry and artillery figures are starting to have their primer layer peel off. 

I unfortunately realized that I was going to need to get rid of some of the miniatures I had. My Warmachine/Hordes stuff is on eBay now, and my 6mm Moderns and 28mm Romans were offered up on Bartertown.

My 18mm FIW collection was also a part of this purge. The minis and rules are now in the hands of a hobbyist up in Canada who I hope will be able to actually use them. 

So that's that. I've also realized I have two fleets for Full Thrust put away, so I'm thinking about what to do with them. Outside of miniatures, I've also been playing a lot of Android: Netrunner, one of Fantasy Flight Games' Living Card Games. Maybe I'll do a post on that as well. Most importantly is getting games in, as AARs are what everyone comes here for, anyway. 

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