Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Miniature Musings - The Start to a Summer of Hobby

With my return from Ireland imminent, I'm looking ahead to see what I want to accomplish over the summer before schoolwork once again overtakes my hobby time.

(And, yes, I admit that I'm padding for time here. I want to stay in the habit of updating my blog, 'lest I stop and never get the momentum to start again.)

Let's see. With most of my British finished, I'm looking to polishing them off with just a few more tanks. Then it's on to my Germans, which I have plenty of - a dozen or so tanks, a couple infantry platoons, and a few support platoons. Maybe even get cases for everything

I'll also want to work on my terrain - more buildings that I can actually place infantry into, some fields, and re-working my hedgerows with some stronger glue.

Obviously, I want to get the starter warband I picked up (and the Anglo-Danish warband I'm planning on getting). From there, it's either increase those to 6 points each, or pick up either the Welsh or Norman (probably Norman) starters to expand what I can demo/play with.

I still have those miniatures from my 150th Anniversary edition of Battle Cry to finish up. The Union has its cavalry and Generals finished (or close to finish) and has its infantry and artillery primed. I want to finish those, and then move onto the Confederates. A fully painted boardgame would be pretty cool to have.

Ah. Now here's the rub. While I have a number of 15mm figures to use with This Very Ground, I've actually found out that others would wish to play 28mm with the Muskets and Tomahawks ruleset (by Tomahawk Studios, the same group that produced Saga). I'm partially thinking about putting my TVG project on the backburner (and the minis into storage) and just splurging to get the ruleset/cards and the British/French starters (I've been told that there are Indian players to spare). That means painting

In other news, I picked up a couple new items before I leave Dublin:

Unfortunately, the guys at Gamers World couldn't get an Anglo-Danish starter warband in before I had to leave, so I'll have to grab that when I get back to the States. However, I did pick up a box of PSC's M5 Halftracks, so this'll add to my British FoW collection (something else to paint!) and allow me to field some mechanized infantry in support of my tanks. 

Also, if you're ever in the Dublin area, definitely stop by. It's a fantastic shop with friendly staff and a plethora of gaming goodness.

So that's that! It'll be interesting to see what I can accomplish by the end of August.

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