Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Painting Update - Quar

Here's what I've been painting recently.

I decided to take a break from the Napoleonics and start work on a project that's been languishing in the "to do" pile for some time now. The recently released 28mm boxset of plastic Quar from Wargames Atlantic has introduced the quar and Alwyd to a much wider audience. While I was waiting to acquire the box for myself, I thought I'd ride the tide of enthusiasm and start on the 15mm companies I received from the kickstarter a few years back.

The above is a typical Crusader rhyfler squad, consisting of a Yawdryl (sergeant), a Milwer (corporal), and 8 rhyflers. They are armed with combination of Bogen semiautomatic rifles and Rhyshi heavy rifles. 

And here's a typical Coftyran rhyfler squad, with the same roster as the Crusader squad. However, the Yawdryl is armed with a Doru SMG, the Milwer has a Cryfen LMG, and the rest of the rhyflers are equipped with Harlech bolt action rifles.