Wednesday, March 16, 2022

'One' for the History Books - To the Strongest! AAR

At this month's SJGA meeting, Bill ran a game of To the Strongest!

This was a refight of his Romans vs Germans scenario which I wrote a blog post about three years ago; what a different world that was!

The previous battle ended with a decisive Roman victory. Could the Legions find repeat glory in another win?  

For this scenario, the Germans had the larger force and so would be on the attack. Each side had three commands, split up into three separate battles. 

Phil and Tim clashed by a small stream, commanding Germans and Romans respectively. 

Sam was the center Roman commander, while I controlled the German center. 

And Dick and Bob fought on a relatively open flank, with their German and Roman forces. 

Tim's command contained all of the Roman cavalry, which mean Phil was hard pressed to defend against the more agile force. 

In the center, Sam quickly shifted his legions to block my light cavalry, stopping them from going after the Roman camps. 

Poor chit pulling from both sides kept much from happening, however. 

On the German right flank, Bob and Dick fought a grinding action, shield against shield. Both sides waited for an opening to exploit. 

While Phil and Tim were mostly managing to do damage to their own units by attacking, eventually the scrum broke in Phil's favor as Tim lost a unit of cavalry. 

The fight in the center also decisively swung in favor of the Germans, with same losing two legion units without causing any lasting casualties. 

And around the same time, Dick finally broke through Bob's lines and turned the flank.

With all those losses, the Romans finally reached their breaking point, fleeing the battlefield. This was a crushing victory for the Germans, a complete reversal of the previous time I'd played. The Germans hadn't lost a single unit over the course of the game. 

This was partially due to really bad command pulls from all sides. Despite having an even distribution of chits numbering 1 through 10, it seemed like both sides couldn't trip over their own feet, leaving attacks or reformations half finished. 

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  1. Looks like that "Sharp Practice" scenario was on heck of a game night... Way to go, guys. RM