Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Corpse Flower Wars - Mythic Americas AAR

This past weekend Sam and I met up for a game. 

Having received his painted Aztecs for Mythic Americas, Sam was looking to finally plaay his first game with the rules. So I brought out my own Aztecs for a 1,000 point mirror match. 

We played the "Build Altars for the Gods" scenario, which works as a good introduction to the rules. Both sides scores points for building altars on the enemy's side of the table, and knocking down enemy altars on their own sides. 

We set the table up as a sort of jungle temple which worked out well. 

Both sides sent most of their forces to the center, with some light skirmishing on the flanks. 

I was looking forward to seeing how some of the recent changes to the rules (the removal of the Monstrosity table, giving Monster units the options to buy more wounds) would work in-game. 

Sam obliged by charging his Quetzalcoatl into my Ayar!

And the feathered serpent was brought down from the skies by the undead monstrosity. 

My victory quickly soured when Sam broke my (arguably) star unit of 2 Wound Tlalocan-Bound Marauders after just two combats. That was a mistake on my part, as I had a Blessings card that could have stopped that if I hadn't already played one earlier in the same turn. 

And unfortunately my left flank was shattered with both units of Jaguar and Eagle Warriors fleeing for their lives. 

Late in the game, Sam was the first to finally construct an Altar. With no units to contest it, I was hoping to get my own Altar built in the center, but Sam's lone Marauder was able to push back my Bound Dead to my side of the table. Meanwhile my Ayar ambled off to (hopefully) block Sam's units. 

The numbers on my side were quickly dwindling, and Sam had plenty of activations compared to me. My Ayar was also taking hits and was only down to a single Wound left. 

Unfortunately, a risky gamble didn't pay off when Sam charge a Bound Dead unit into my Warlord, and the High Priest was killed. With my own Bound Dead unit failing its order test and going Down, I conceded the game to Sam as I had no units left that could build Altars and contest Sam from doing the same. 

So the game ended 0-1 with Sam's warband winning. Neither of us managed to score any points from our Devotions (I'm never picking terrain specific Devotions again, as I have a tendency to pick pieces that my opponent heartily defends). 

I did learn a few things from this game, however. The new Monstrosity and Magic rules (that remove their respective charts and the Wild-Bound-Allied system from Erehwon) are great. With my limited experience, the Monstrosities are more likely to stick around instead of being lost to a random chart result. And the added wounds to Monster units do a lot for their viability. I can see Monster units in one of two functions; Units with less models and double wounds for durability, and units with more models and single wounds for offensive strikes. Four model units with double wounds may be a good middle ground, but they're expensive and can still be lost to a single failed break test, like mine were during this game. 

That said, Sam and I enjoyed the game. Sam's looking to either pick up Inca or Inuit, while I'm going to focus on my Maya after a brief Battletech painting interlude. 

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