Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Keeping the Balance - Mythic Americas AAR

This past weekend I packed up the car and traveled up the length of the state to Mythicos Studios in North Jersey for a Mythic Americas event. 

While billed as a "beginner tournament," it was really more of a casual meet-and-greet. I got a chance to meet the designers and playtesters of the game, and got the chance to dive into some really juicy background lore of the Mythic universe. I was also shown some previews of upcoming models, and was even given a bunch of Inca models that were the first to be produced domestically, instead of by Warlord!

While up at the store, I did get a chance to play a couple game. Noticeably, everyone who had shown up brought Aztecs! Unfortunately the one player who had an Inca warband for the event wasn't able to make it. 

My first game was against Eric and was a mirror match with his Aztecs in the "Liberators and Captors" scenario. 

While it was a fun game, my dice were not on my side throughout the day. My first attempt at Magic with my High Priest (both the Warlord and the Magic User for the Aztecs) resulted in a miscast, which prevented him from casting spells for the next turn. My Ayar also blew up when it tried attacking a pinned down unit of Jaguar Warriors. And my own Jaguar Warriors were turned aside by a small, un-buffed unit of Bound Dead. 

I did manage to steal the one Captives objective that was in the center of the table!

With my offensive capabilities gone, I could only play defense and try to hold on to the Captives until the game ran out. Unfortunately I lost one, and didn't manage to score my Devotion. Eric did, so the game ended with a 2-3 loss. 

My second game was against Chris, the designer behind the Aztec faction. We played the "Build Altars" scenario, and for variety's sake Chris used a Tribal Nations warbands.

Unfortunately, my bad luck continued. My Warlord once again had a miscast on the first turn, and disappeared from the table for a turn (fortunately, Chris' Medicine Man had the same problem!). My unit of Marauders were wiped out in a single turn of shooting, and the rest of Chris' warband chewed through my Aztecs in a hail of stone-tipped arrows and tomahawks. 

While I managed hold on to a slight victory points advantage by throwing down as many altars as I could, in turn 5 Chris pulled out a solid reversal that I wasn't going to pull back from using his Devotion. I believe the game ended in a 4-6 loss. 

So while I look for new dice, I still had a great time. The store and the people in it were fantastic, and I'm excited to see where Mythicos takes the game and Mythic universe. 

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