Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Painting Update - Mythic Americas

This year's painting progress continues!

I finally had more units arrive for my Mythic Americas Aztecs. These Jaguar Warriors are the elite infantry for the faction, but are still lightly armored. I'm guessing they're best used as a second wave, once the enemy has ground themselves down on the various undead units or have taken pins from the Eagle Warriors. 

I've been using Steven Thomas' guide for painting Aztecs for the shields. It's a great reference page for inspiration. 

Spider Sisters are a disturbingly posed unit (perhaps based on the Spider Goddess of Teotihuacan?) that are support casters - they're weak in combat and can only be magic level 1. So they're best used to buff a single unit that will probably keep the enemy's attention, like the monstrous Ayar. I'll have to pick up one soon!

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