Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Black and Blue and Green All Over - Mordheim AAR

I've been taking part in a Mordheim campaign at a local shop, using my Orcs & Goblins. They're an... interesting warband. I decided to lean heavily into the goblins and squigs, which may have been a mistake. But by this point I'm relatively behind the rest of the group since I can't make the regular meetup nights, so I should just start throwing the greenskins into the fray and just deal with the consequences at the other end.

One recent game was against Les and his Reiklanders in a modified version of Wyrdstone Hunt, with six wyrdstone counters on the table.

While I had managed to grab three of the six, enough of my squigs, goblins and orcs went down and I decided to retreat rather than continue to be shot full of arrows. Unfortunately, my leader got captured. Les was kind enough not to just slit the orc's throat, but he did take his armor and Lucky Charm.

I also played against Christan and his Possessed in a normal version of Wyrdstone Hunt. I knew his warband was pretty far along in their progression, so I was looking to just feed my goblins and squigs to the twisted freaks and get away.

The strategy worked, but I lost enough of the henchmen that I had to spend most of my gold to get them back, and the advances I got weren't especially useful.

I'll probably continue to muddle through in the campaign, but I probably wouldn't try this version of the warband again.

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