Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Painting Update - AWI

It's a new year, and that means more painting! Here's what I've been working on since last time.

Unfortunately, Cape Con (where I ran a game of Gaslands last year) has been cancelled. So the 15mm Rebels & Patriots game I was going to present has suddenly lost a lot of steam. But I'm going to soldier on and get it done, so that I can put on games at the club at least. 

My first two units for the Continentals are generic line infantry units. I decided to have one unit in blue coats and buff facings, which mirrors the officer's uniform. 

The second unit is a close match to the first, with blue coats and red facing. 

I plan to make the Continentals' uniforms varied, to be set against the standardized colors of the British and Hessians. 


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    1. Thanks! I'm working again on Orcs, but I'm planning to get right back into the AWI stuff asap.