Wednesday, January 22, 2020

All Along the Watchtower - Warlords of Erehwon AAR

This past weekend, Josh and I got a game of Warlord of Erehwon in at Les' place. Les has been looking for a possible Age of Sigmar replacement, and Warlords was one of the rules offered up. 

The scenario was The Watchtower, which is a Fantasy classic - one side controls the watchtower and has to defend it until the end of the game, while the other side wants to capture the watchtower.

Instead of my Orcs & Goblins, I decided to use the Samurai army list with my Wrath of Kings Shael Han, with an Allied Wyvern to represent the Fulung Devourer.

My samurai ended up defending, so I placed a unit of Oni in the tower, as no unit in my list had shooting attacks.

Not much had happened in the first two turns of the game. Both sides advanced towards the watchtower, while my Oni hunkered down against Josh's dwarven guns.

The Wyvern turned out to be the MVP of the match, with its 20", SV 4 Flame Breath attack that could get through the Dwarves' heavy army and place mutliple pins. Additionally, it was a MOD2 monster, so it could be activated twice a turn!

Unfortunately for the Oni defending the tower, a Dwarven hero reached the base, bashed through the barricaded door, and slaughtered the eastern ogres.

However, my Wizard had brought a new spell to the table - Peculiar Portal. When successfully cast on a unit, it's controlling player has to place it back at their table edge! And in a game where most units can only move 10" a turn (and these Dwarves couldn't sprint thanks to their Bloomin' Big Axes), this can easily put a critical unit out of reach and unusable. I was throwing out Portals left and right, especially on the Dwarf Guards and the Dwarf Hero.

My Onna-Bugeisha and Daimyo took up the left flank, as my remaining Oni waited to claim the tower again after the Wizard had portalled the Dwarf Hero away.

And while my Samurai had been routed, the Ashigaru took up the slack in their absence. Aided, of course, by the fire-breathing Wyvern.

For once, I was able to thin the Dwarven lines. Between the naginatas, halberds, and flames, Josh's stunties were dwindling in ranks.

The remaining Dwarves weren't enough to stop my Oni and Hero from taking the tower. Both watched on as my Onna-Bugeisha and Wyvern press the retreating Dwarves.

This was an interesting match, and fun as always. I have to admit, it was the Peculiar Portal and the Wyvern won the game for me. The army list itself was rather bland, as nothing really screamed "Samurai" to me. I think I'd rather play another army and just ally in a monster instead.

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