Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Painting Update - Gaslands

With no games played since my last post, my painting progress continues. 

I've got a participation game of Gaslands coming up this weekend at a local comic convention. I'm going as a representative of the SJGA with the hope that we can entice some of the attendees - either the kids, teens, or their parents - to check the club out.

Each team consists of two cars. One has a machine gun, while the other has a "special weapon" (a rocket launcher without the extra rules) with three ammo. This helps to keep the game moving so players won't need to reference different weapons or a lot of equipment.

I had thought about adding some nitrous or oil and glue droppers, but like I said, simple is probably best.

I'll have to review the rules and perhaps run through a solo game since I haven't played in a while. But hopefully this does draw some attention, especially with the fantastic 3d printed terrain Kevyn made.

Also, Gaslands: Refueled was just released, so I may pick that up soon.


  1. A good game to try and lure some new players into your club with. Good luck!

    1. Thanks! It was either this or something like One Hour Wargames, but I thought this might appeal to a wider age group.

  2. Looking forward to getting the Refueled book. Been having fun converting Hot Wheels cars. Very addictive. cheers