Wednesday, June 5, 2019

A Short Skirmish - Carnevale AAR

Kevyn stopped by last weekend to drop off some 3d printed terrain and movement trays I had requested, and we took the opportunity to get a quick game in. 

Since I had finished painting all my Carnevale miniatures, we decided to play another 100 point game of Gang War. Kevyn brought his Doctors, while I had my Guild.

The gangs were:

Doctor of the Mind
Alchemist Doctor
Unleashed Madman

Prince of Thieves
Black Lamp
Dog Keeper
Bottled Courage
Climbing Tools

Kevyn started with his gang spread out, while my Guild members were mostly gathered around the Black Lamp and his anti-magic abilities. My Baroni was taking a ride with the Gondolier as a moving gun platform (at least, that was the idea).

The two gangs approached each other cautiously at first. For this game, we tried using Agendas. I drew one that required four actions to successfully make 4" jumps in one round, and I tried that before the Doctors could reach me. However, my dice weren't going to be very helpful for this game, so a few of my gang took a quick bath in the canal before struggling back onto dry land.

Kevyn's Doctor of the Mind stood back as his accompanying Madman and Unleashed Madman engaged my Dogs. The Doctor decided to cast Mother Hydra's Claws, but only realized after casting that the spells affected all models in range, not just enemies. Which hurt his own meat shields at the same time.

While the Unleashed Madman tore into the Dogs with its eldritch tentacles, the Prince of Thieves slipped past, cut down the Madman and then attacked the Doctor. Not enjoying the close ranged fighting, the Doctor disengaged and hit the Prince with a couple casts of Blood Drain, regaining his lost hit points.

Meanwhile, my Baroni was trying to use his pistols from the Gondola. Not satisfied with the result, he jumped off to attack the Carrion, but only then realized how difficult to the demented patient was. Then the Warden lumbered in and started laying about with his club, throwing out Stun counters left and right.

The Baroni had to back off to reload his guns as the Gondolier rowed up and swung at the Warden with his oar. While the Warden took some damage, the Gondolier was hit in return and Stunned. Then the Alchemist Doctor arrived and started throwing bombs into the mix.

We decided to call the game at the end of Round 3, with Kevyn winning with his 2 Victory Points to my 1 (neither of us managed to score any Agendas). To be honest, I realized that I had taken too many supporting Characters, so Kevyn was likely to take my gang apart if he had more time.

We had less questions and books diving for rules in this game compared to the first, which bodes well for future games. Hopefully Kevyn and I can meet up in the future for more games of Carnevale.

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