Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Painting Update - Carnevale

With no gaming in the past couple weeks, I've been focusing on getting some hobby done in my painting queue.

Last year I received my backer pledge for Carnevale. I got the two player starter box and basically everything for the Guild faction. I decided to sit down and get the whole of the faction finished before moving on to another project.

Citizens are Henchmen that make up the bulk of the Guild membership. They're not great in combat, but they've got numbers and they're cheap. The crossbow-armed Recruiter is a Hero that can boost a mob of Citzens' combat abilities.

Gondoliers, Dog Keepers, Dogs and Pilferers are all Henchmen as well. Gondoliers let you bring extra gondolas when you're building a list for a game, and since the setting for Carnevale is Venice, boats are pretty useful! Gondoliers are also better at steerting gondolas compared to other characters. The Dog Keeper can use his command points to make out-of-activation actions with his Dogs, useful for intercepting enemies. And the Pilferers can steal Will Points from enemies and give them to friendly models!

Pulcinellas are essentially nihilistic, chaos-causing clowns that went mad after the Rent opened over Venice. They're usually mindless Henchmen that can't pick up objectives, but the King Pulcinella (a Leader) can direct them. And the Hero unit Ostrich Riding Pulcinella is the only "cavalry" model in the game!

The Capodecina is a Leader for the Guild who's a monster in close combat, but also dextrous enough to slip past enemies or leap from building to building. He's flanked by Guild Heroes - two Fishermen that excel in engaging the acquatic monsters that lurk in Venice's waterways, long with a Barber and a Butcher. 

Finally, the Prince of Thieves is another Leader and one of the top dogs of the Guild. He's accompanied by an anti-magic Black Lamp, a Rialto Assassin, and a pistol-duellist Baroni.

There's a few models I didn't pick up during the Kickstarter - a Madame, her Harlots, and Baba Yaga - so I'll likely add those to my collection when they're released by TTCombat. Until then, I'm hoping to play more games of Carnevale, and to get some paint on the smaller collection of Rashaar models that I also received with my pledge.

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