Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Painting Update - Middle Earth SBG

Since there's been a bit of a lull in actual gaming recently, here's a look at what I've been painting in the meantime.

I have to admit that I was pulled into a bit of a Middle Earth spree. I finally caved and decided to jump into the (relatively) new edition of the Middle Earth Strategy Game with the Pelennor Fields starter set. While I wasn't so interested in Rohan or the Dead of Dunharrow, the Evil models were more than enough to get a Mordor faction started.

The bulk of the Evil side of the starter set are Morannon Orcs - 36 of them, in fact! I basically block painted the lot the same as the ones shown above, so no need to repeat what would be the same picture three times.

The starter set also came with a Troll, which I suppose I could use as a Chieftain if I wanted to. To supplement the Morannons, I also bought a half dozen Orc Trackers, which are cheap and alright shots with their bows. Rounding out the troops are a Drummer and a Banner Bearer.

Unfortunately, the only Hero included in the Pelennor Fields box for the Evil side is the Witch-King, and only mounted atop a Fell Beast. As a new player I wanted something a little more basic for my first games, so I added a couple generic heroes - a Morannon Captain and a Shaman - along with Shagrat, Gorbag, and Gothmog (both Foot and Mounted versions).

That's enough to get several different 600 point lists! But I'm not finished there. I'm likely to add some more troops (like regular orcs and some cavalry) and heroes before the year's up. But this is a decent start!


  1. Nice minis, SBG is a fine game. Hope to see more of your work later.

    1. Thanks! There's some local and nearby interest brewing, so I'm hoping to get some games in soon.