Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Observer Effect - Mordheim AAR

Last Sunday the local gaming group met up to play the first game in the yearly Mordheim campaign they run. Since it's my first time in the campaign, I decided to put together a Outlaws of Stirwood Forest warband. They seem a little underpowered, especially compared to some of the other warbands available, so my goal for the campaign isn't to win, but to survive!

The first scenario saw four warbands all vying for warpstone counters. Four warpstone counters could be found near the initial starting points, but a larger cache worth 1d3 warpstone was placed at the center of the table, which would entice the warbands to duke it out for the motherlode.

The Undead were the first to reach the main cache. However, the Carnival were close behind, enganging with both the Undead and Dwarves.

My Outlaws could see the scuffle on the horizon and thought better trying to engage in that mess. Instead they climbed the tower and lobbed a few arrows into anyone they could see.

The vampire was joined at the top of the hill by a couple brutes from the Carnival, and one actually managed to deal a wound to the Undead leader.

The Dwarves were also up to their beards in Plaguebearers and Nurglings.

There was a massive fight between the numerous Undead and the Carnies, with fighters getting knocked down again and again.

Still my Outlaws looked on, not wanting to get into the massive three-way fight in the center.

Finally the Carnival and Undead did enough damage to each other that they were forced to begin Rout tests. The Undead were the first to leave the table, followed by the Carnival.

I then had a problem in the form of four angry Dwarves heading my way. Arrow after arrow pinged off their armor. However, I luckily managed to gang up on the Dwarf leader and knock him out, and Bruce (the player running the Dwarves) failed the first Rout check he had to take.

Somehow, the Outlaws had won the game!

I didn't get the massive warpstone, but I got lucky on my exploration and rarity rolls. My leader got an Elf Bow, Lucky Trinket, and Rabbit's Foot (house rules for the campaign means a warband can only buy a single Lucky Trinket and Rabbit's Foot after each game), and another hero got Hunting Arrows. Unfortunately, my Petty Thief drank some bad well water and will miss the next game. He did find a fancy jewelled sword as consolation.

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