Wednesday, December 26, 2018

2018 6x6 Challenge - Retrospective

I hope everyone's been enjoying the holidays!

Since I did one of these last year, I though I'd follow up with another look at how how my 2018 6x6 Challenge went.

While Alan over at the Stronghold Rebuilt didn't run the event, I still liked the idea of picking six games to try and focus on over the course of the year.

So, the games for 2018 were:

  1. Arena Rex - 1
  2. DBA - Completed
  3. Muskets & Tomahawks - 1
  4. Test of Honour - Completed
  5. Warmaster Revolution - 3
  6. WWII - 5
Like last year, I'm not wholly satisfied with the results, but not entirely unhappy with them either. While I only completed two of the six games (where, last year, I managed to complete three), I played each of the games at least once. 

So, let's break it down, game by game.

Arena Rex

Yet again, I'm disappointed by my ability to get Arena Rex out on the table. It's a fun, fast game with a ruleset that's easy to learn but has some surprising depth. To be fair, I'm the only one with models to it and it's an extremely boutique game with expensive, fragile models. 

Maybe I can work on getting another faction for the game in the next year. The Helleniki look pretty cool...


This year was a my big foray into DBA, and I don't regret it. They make for quick, vicious games in a small area that can look pretty good with the right terrain. I'm looking forward to playing more if I can, and I've got a couple Dark Ages armies that need to be worked on.

Muskets & Tomahawks

Another game that I only played once, and because I signed up for a game at Fall In! 2018. I've got forces for the game (although I need to finish the British Regulars I've got sitting in a foam tray), and the necessary terrain for it. But other games took precedence over the past year. 

Test of Honour

Test of Honour started off as fairly popular at the beginning of the year, which is why I was able to rack up so many games and complete this part of the challenge. However, with Half Day Studio closing, interest in the game quickly fell off. I've also cooled on the rules. They're alright, but very shallow. And because it's a pool-success based game, players can go for activation after activation with nothing happening. 

Maybe in 2019 I can explore different rulesets to use these miniatures with. 

Warmaster Revolution

Let's be honest here - I only managed to sneak any games of this in because of the tournament at Fall In! 2018. However, they still count!

I enjoyed learning the Warmaster rules, and my outing with the Ogre Kingdoms was fun. There was a decent amount of interest at the convention, with attendees stopping by and happily recognizing the rules and minis (apart from my Ogres). It looks like there's going to be another tournament at Cold Wars 2019, and I've got a Dogs of War army that I'm planning to use.


So, this category was supposed to be an attempt to find a new ruleset to use my 15mm miniatures with, since interest in Flames of War is basically at an all time low. What it (mostly) ended up being was a bunch of Konflikt 47, with a single game of What a Tanker! thrown in for good measure.

That's alright, but it meant that I ended up buying a bunch of miniatures for another of Warlord's rulesets. They're fun and I mostly enjoy them, but I think I burned out playing against Keith's British over and over again. Maybe I'll get it to the table in 2019, maybe not. 

So that's the 2018 Challenge, but there's not going to be a 2019 follow up. Instead, I'm taking a different approach, with a post that will be coming out in the new year.

By the way, this blog's birthday just passed. It's now six years old


  1. Nice. I like the idea of the 6x6 challenge, I might have to give that a try next year. Might give me a nudge to play a few more games. Have a great new year!

    1. It works best if you've got a group of regular gamers who are open to new games, or can provide everything yourself. Good luck if you try it, and happy new year to you too!

  2. You need to get a posse together for DA. Its fast to get on the table and we could reliably swing a 4 man campaign in the new year between you, me, dugan, and bill.

    1. I've got a bunch of gunslingers, so I'm ready to play whenever.