Friday, March 2, 2018

Tides of Fortune - Test of Honour AAR

My last game of Test of Honour was against Kai. We played a 24 point game (the first full sized game since we started playing) with the Escort mission. 

Since Kai won the roll-off, I started with the objective, who I would need to escort off the opposite side of the table. I decided that my Devoted Samurai would be capable enough to handle the job.

This is also a pretty good shot of one of the tables Bill has set up in preparation for the upcoming Test of Honour tournament at Half Day Studio.

Both sides exchanged fire in the first turn, while my Samurai Hero led the charge into Kai's warband. I attempted to move the Devoted Samurai up the edge of the

I'm forced to admit that I may have gotten a little cocky during the second turn. With the samurai able to move so quickly, and most of Kai's warband too far to reach the Devoted Samurai and escort in close combat, I thought the scenario would quickly end.

Kai and his luck put the kibosh on my plan, as he managed to strike down both of my samurai in rapid succession. The escort decided to hide on the opposite edge of the hill - surrounded by Kai's soldiers.

Kai's Samurai Hero and his men decimated a unit of Loyal Spearmen. Things were looking pretty dire for my warband.

At the end of the fourth turn, Kai's warband still hadn't managed to secure the escort, but I was forced to concede. It was highly unlikely that my remaining commoners would be able to stop Kai's Samurai Hero and his supporting units, not to mention the other half of the warband on the opposite side of the table.

It was a fun game, with plenty of action, and a definite "win big, lose big" mentality.

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