Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Blood in the Streets - Konflikt 47 AAR

This past weekend, I drove over to Half Day Studio to play a game of Konflikt 47 against Bill. 

This was an escalation, as our previous games were at 500 points. This time were were bringing 1000 point lists. 

Bill's list, from memory:

  • 1st Lieutenant with bodyguard
  • Two squads of veteran infantry
  • Heavy Infantry squad
  • Bazooka team
  • Coyote light mech
  • M4A9-T Sherman. 

My list had:

  • 2nd Lieutenant
  • Two infantry squads (split between a LMG fire team and an assault rifle/rifle armed squad)
  • Fallschirmjager Falcon squad
  • SS Shocktrooper squad
  • Spinne light mech
  • Panzer IV-X
The scenario was Maximum Attrition. We would have six turns (with a seventh turn on a roll of 4+) to attempt to remove as many of the opponents squads from the table, scoring 1 victory point for each squad.

Both sides rolled onto the table during the first turn, either setting up in cover or trying to get up the flanks.

Bill's Coyote dodged behind cover to avoid a shot from my Panzer's gravity gun, while my Falcons continued to sneak up the side of the table.

The Germans managed to get their reserves on to the table, while the American's Sherman bogged down, and the accompanying infantry squad was forced to dig it out.

A massive firefight broke out on the right side of the table between the Americans and Germans, with little effect. Meanwhile, the Sherman rumbled on to the table, but both tanks missed their shots.

Bill's bazooka team attempted to skirt around the Panzer and get a rocket in its side, but missed. The Panzer's MMG, on the other hand, shredded the team.

While the Falcon's armor protected them from the Americans' small arms, they flew away when charged by the Coyote. One of the American infantry squads was reduced down to a two men after taking fire from the advancing Germans squads.

Bill's Sherman and my Panzer continued to duke it out, but Bill's heavy infantry were less foruntate. They attempted to move out of their cover, only to be ambushed by the German LMGs holding down the left flank. The weight of fire was enough to find the weak points of the heavy infantry's armor, and brought them down.

Bill lost another infantry squad to the combined fire from a German infantry squad and the Shocktroopers. However, they were replaced by the Coyote, which opened up on the German infantry and caused several casualties.

Bill finally managed to score a victory point when the Sherman's Tesla cannon tore through the Panzer's armor and destroyed it. However, the Spinne managed to do the same to the Coyote.

The game ended on the sixth turn, with the Germans securing victory, 4-1.

Bill commented that he's still getting used to the differences between Konflikt 47 and Warhammer 40k - mostly, that infantry that isn't behind heavy cover is going to get shredded. Even armored infantry, which have a 6+ damage value, will still go down under heavy enough fire.

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