Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Tricks, Treats, and Terror, Part 1 - Empire of the Dead AAR

Last year, Gary ran a massive game of Empire of the Dead for Halloween, with seven players controlling various factions that ran amok through what had been a sleepy English town. 

Not to be outdone, Gary went bigger and better for this year - more players, more factions, more terrain!

The table was split by a small river. On one side was a dark and spooky forest, fields of corn, and the outskirts of the poor English town that would once again suffer this Halloween.

The other side of the table was more urbane with a church, a cemetery, and streets teeming with innocents to terrorize. 

Let's see what monsters and miscreants would be wandering the alleys and dark places on this All Hallow's Eve.

Count Dracula was back with his vampire cohort in tow, looking to enthrall and devour the populace.

The Mechanics were hoping to recapture a number of Clickers that had escaped from their factory.

Holmes and Watson were leading a police task force to apprehend the dreaded Jack the Ripper, who was loose out in the streets.

Meanwhile, the main force of the police were looking to keep the peace.

A Necromancer led his undead creations and living minions in the search for fresh materials.

From the depths of the forest, a Beastlord emerged at the head of his pack in search of raw and bloody meat.

Out of the fields came the Pumpkinheaded horrors, looking to capture civilians for fertilizer.

And the Cirque du Noir had just arrived in town, following rumors of a possible werewolf attack.

And, finally, Death itself stalked the table, looking to fulfill the reaper's toll.

Yes, you counted right - that was nine factions on the table! And that doesn't include the civilians, piloted by Gary, or the group of individual murderers who could possibly be Jack the Ripper, played by Cameron.

Next week, the game!

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