Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Painting Update - Wrath of Kings, Blood Bowl, WWII

Let's see what's passed through the painting queue this time.

I completed another unit for my Shael Han force in Wrath of Kings. There's a dozen Lotus Warriors, who are essentially glass cannons with a 2" melee zone (which is fairly powerful in a game where most combat has to take place in base-to-base contact). Their Leaders are Black Lotuses, who can buff the offensive capabilities of the Lotus Warriors at the risk of killing them. And the Character Leader is Madam Mui, who can attack up to six times in an activation - potentially deadly if she's up against soft targets or gets extremely lucky.

Also finished are the Rank 2 Specialists available to Shael Han. The big dragon is a Fulung Devourer, painted blue to stand out among the green and red theme of the force. The three smaller models are the Character Specialists for the faction - Red Willow, Hong Yai, and Deathbloom.

This means I've completed everything available to Shael Han from the first book! After a congratulatory pat on the back, I suppose I need to get working on Book 2 units.

As the Stomping Ground Blood Bowl League continues, I've gotten to the point where I needed to add a little muscle to the Baltimork Corviks. So I grabbed a Reaper Bones Ice Troll and painted it up in the team colors.

Here's something that hasn't shown up on my blog in a while. These are a pair of Humber scout cars for my British. I'm hoping to use them either with Iron Cross or Combat HQ (or even Flames of War, depending on the release of Version 4 of the rules).

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