Wednesday, April 26, 2017

First Contact - Gruntz AAR

It's been a while since I've managed to play any sci-fi games, so when Gary brought out a fantastic looking Gruntz force, I decided to start looking around for some minis. 

Since the idea I'm putting together hasn't arrived in full (it's going to be an airmobile force with jet prop VTOLS), Gary was kind enough to loan me some of his vehicles while he took his aliens out for a test drive. The pictures don't do Gary's paint job justice - I'll need to get a closer view next time. 

The alien landscape was rather different than the Earth-like desert battlefield that I had seen Gary and Russ playing on.

Our forces were:

Prang Assault Squadron (Gary)
Command Team
Infantry Squad x2
Mortar Team
Heavy Tank
Heavy APC x3
Artillery Biped

Rapid Force Solutions Task Force (Me)
Command Team
Infantry Squad x2
Scout Team
Spider Tank
Wheeled APC
Medium UAV

The humans deployed relatively close together, while the Prang hoped to sneak one APC and infantry squad around the side. The two forces were opposite in stats - the Prang were slow but heavily armored, while the humans were faster but with far less armor.

The Prang started the game by moving their units forward. The Prang Heavy Tank opened up on the Spider Tank, scoring a devastating hit and wrecking the tank's armor and engine. The humans countered by moving up and firing with their Tank, ATM HUMV, and the Wheeled APC, doing some damage in return.

The Prang continued to wear away at the human's vehicles with their plasma weaponry. In return, the Spider Tank destroyed its Prang counterpart while the human infantry dismounted to counter the approaching Prang Heavy APC and infantry squad. Both UAV shots at the Prang artillery missed.

The Spider Tank finally melted after repeated hits from Prang plasma and missiles, and so did the ATM HUMV. However, the humans managed to deal some major damage to the aliens. THe UAV rammed the Prang artillery unit, destroying the plane but doing some damage.

Combined fire from the infantry's AT weaponry and the wheeled APC took out the Prang Heavy APC and the infantry within. The combined fire of the other infantry squad, the scout team, and the remaining HUMVs managed to destroy another Prang Heavy APC on the far right. This pushed the Prang's losses over 50%, causing the aliens to retreat.

It was a fun game that was unfortunately rushed to do outside factors, so I'm hoping to get the infantry painted and back on the table in short order. My fingers are crossed that the VTOLs will arrive soon.

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