Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Vavoom City Tarts vs. Baltimork Corviks, Playoff Game - Blood Bowl AAR

With the League over, the top six teams were placed in the playoffs, and the Corviks were a part of that group. The first game was a rematch against the Tarts. 

I won the roll and chose to kick in the first half.

The tarts moved the ball up the pitch, but the Orcs' frontline managed to keep the ladies mostly off their side.

Seeing that chances were slim to get past the Orc line, the Amazon Catcher tried to hand off the ball. But the Troll interfered, knocking the ball to the ground.

The Corviks ignored the ball and decided to focus on the bashing game.

Trevor's disdain for statistics carried him through most of the turn, where he was able to retrieve the ball and dodge out of the Troll's reach. But the ball carrier tripped on a go-for-it.

The Corviks retrieved the ball, putting the boot in for good effect.

The Amazons tried to reposition, but one Linewoman failed to dodge and went down hard, knocking herself out.

The Corviks caged up, ready to grind up the pitch.

The Tarts spent a turn re-positioning, trying to block the Orcs' advance.

Not having any of it, the Corviks push forward, knocking another Amazon off the pitch.

The ladies fought back, trying to make a gap to get at the ball carrier.

Trying to get fancy, the Corviks tried a hand-off, but failed. A Lineorc managed to scoop the ball of the ground.

After another failed attempt to get the ball, the Amazons were scattered.

At the last moment, the Corviks moved in to score. Not learning a lesson from their previous attempt, the throw failed, and the ball was dropped.

The teams took a break for half time, then set back up with the Tarts kicking. The Amazons were down three players due to the brutal first half.

The Corviks caged up and started walking the ball up the pitch.

The Amazons took the opportunity to knock the Orcs about.

But the Corviks rallied, pushing over the line of scrimmage into the Amazons' half of the pitch.

The beatings continued as the Amazons looked for a chance to reach the Orc Thrower.

The Corviks' cage ground forward.

After several turns, only a few Amazons are left on the pitch, and the Orcs were in a position to score. 

A brave Linewoman attempted to reach the ball carrier, only to be held back by his escorts. 

Betting that they could stall for a turn, the Orcs halted just before the endzone, with a pair of Black Orcs marking the downed Amazon.

In their turn, the Amazonian warrior leaped to her feet, dodged away from the Black Orcs, and blitzed the Thrower... only to knock the Orc back a square, into the endzone!

At that point, the Amazons took a knee, calling the game as a 1-0 win for the Corviks.

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  1. I make that all six of you Bood Bowl games for 6x6 - well done!