Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Vavoom City Tarts vs. Baltimork Corviks, League Game - Blood Bowl AAR

This week's game was against Trevor and his Amazons, badly beaten down from the previous game - they had four players missing with three Journeymen filling in the roster. 

The Tarts decided to receive in the first half.

The ladies hit hard on the first turn, driving back the Orc line.

The Corviks recovered, trying to shore up their defense.

A poor roll from the Tarts saw a player take a dirt nap.

The Corviks saw a chance and managed to knock the ball away from the Tarts, moving up the table.

But the Amazons weren't going to let the Orcs get away with that kind of breakaway play, knocking the ball away and sending down the pitch.

The Corviks weren't able to retrieve the ball, instead re-positioning their players.

The Tarts try to break away, but the Amazon failed her dodge rolls and hit the ground.

Breaking stereotypes, the Orcs play the passing game, getting the ball up to a free Blitzer.

Again, the Amazons went for a risky dodge roll, but failed.

The Corviks ran the ball up to the endzone, taking some time to knock about the Amazons.

The Amazons recover, moving in to threaten the Corviks' ball carrier.

Not wanting to risk the turn, the Corviks ran the ball in for a touchdown.

With only a turn left, the Amazons set up a line, hoping to keep their players safe into the second half. The Corviks didn't manage much before a Black Orc knocked himself down, ending the first half.

After a halftime break, the teams reset with the Tarts kicking off.

The Corviks beat down the Tarts' front line while falling back to grab the ball.

The Amazons respond fist-for-fist, even managing to bring down the Troll.

The Orcs rallied, moving the cage up the pitch.

But the Tarts weren't just going to let that happen. They managed to bust the cage open and threaten the Corviks' ball carrier.

The Orc Thrower managed to bust free, but a failed go-for-it roll tripped the player up. He dropped the ball, passing the turn over to the Amazons.

The Tarts were ready to send the ball towards the endzone, but a failed pickup sent the ball bouncing over the prone Orc Thrower before coming to a rest on the pitch.

The Corviks recovered the ball, defending it behind a wall of green flesh.

The Tarts failed to break through, and the Corviks passed the ball off to another Blitzer.

A lone Amazon moved in, threatening the ball carrier.

With half the Amazons off the pitch, the Orc Blitzer made what should have been an easy block - but managed to roll double skulls, knocking himself over and dropping the ball.

In a flash, the Tarts had the ball and passed it back the length of the pitch. The Journeyman at the other end failed to catch the ball, but it was still in easy range of the endzone.

The Corviks couldn't managed to pick the ball up, but at least had it protected.

And another failed dodge reroll ended the Tarts' turn.

After a pickup, hand-off, and pass, the ball was back on the Tart's half of the pitch, but out of the hands of the Orc Blitzer.

And again, a lone Tarts player charged in, grabbed the ball, and managed to successfully make a long-bomb to another player. The Amazon Blitzer then rushed across the pitch, ending her move just two squares outside the endzone. After one successful go-for-it, the Blitzer tried again... and failed with no rerolls, ending the game 1-0 to the Corviks.

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