Monday, February 13, 2017

Town Square Dancing - Fistful of Lead AAR

Carl and I got together for some Old West action with Fistful of Lead: Reloaded. We decided on a simple game between Carl's cavalrymen (few models, but lots of rifles with backup pistols) and my outlaws (lots of bodies with only pistols).

The table was a 4x3 space with buildings surrounding a small square, with the two gangs deploying on opposites sides.

Both gangs spent the first turn moving through the town. Carl's feds moved into the saloon, waiting for the outlaws to move into their line of fire.

The outlaws continued to move up, but the cavalrymen tagged one with a rifle shot.

Bullets continued to fly out of the saloon. The roughs were forced to keep low and charge forward, hoping their numbers could outlast the cavalrymen's rifle rounds.

The sound of gunshots filled the air as the outlaws closed in and started shooting back, killing a soldier.

One outlaw went down, riddle with bullets. But a pair of outlaws dashed into the saloon's bottom floor, attacking and driving back the cavalry sergeant.

Without reinforcements, the sergeant was killed. Two outlaws, having spent the whole of the firefight sneaking around, finally reached the steps to the saloon's upper floor. They exchanged shots with the remaining soldiers.

Another cavalryman went down. The remaining survivor fled indoor as a group of outlaws pounded up the stars.

Finally, the last cavalryman was dispatched by an outlaw, ending the game.

As the rules point out, there's not much advantage in loading your models up with guns. An "out of ammo" result is easily fixed with an action, and those extra build points could go towards another model with a pistol, which also brings another draw from the activation deck. Of course, it didn't help that by the time Carl's soldiers were able to shoot with their rifles, my own outlaws were already in range with their pistols.


  1. Very nice report ! What is the manufacter of the houses in mdf please ? Thx

    1. Thanks for reading! The terrain is from Micro Arts Studio.

  2. It was a good learning experience for me. More troopers = more shots = more dead bad guys. Which I proved in the very next game.��