Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Scattered into Atoms - Retro Raygun AAR

Carl put on a demo game of Retro Raygun for Gary and me. 

We had a suitably eye-searing combination of terrain. Gary took the Imperials, while I commanded the Valkeeri. The lists were fairly simple: two squads and a commander each. While the Valkeeris were coming straight out of the book, the Imperials were of Carl's own design.

The scenario was pretty simple - be the last one standing!

I won initiative and advanced a Valkeeri squad forward with the commander attached. A lucky round of shooting saw an Imperial squad retreat from the table, leaving the stunned Imperial commander out in the open.

The Imperial commander hightailed it over to the remaining rifle squad. 

The second Valkeeri squad moved up in support.

During the next turn, both sides moved forward, looking for a shot.

The Imperials got the drop on a Valkeeri squad in the open.

The poor ladies were vaporized!

The two squads faced off against each other.

The Imperials ducked into cover behind the local flora.

The Valkeeris advanced, looking to use their superior, if shorter-ranged, indirect fire.

But a lucky shot from the Imperials own indirect fire, which was weaker but had a loner range, took out the Valkeeri commander.

Undaunted, the ladies reached cover and fired overheard, but were unable to connect.

The Imperials fired again, forcing the Valkeeris to retreat.

Winning initiative, the Imperial troopers rushed to get a clear firing lane at the Valkeeris before opening fire.

The incoming fire was too hot for the Valkeeris, and they quit the field of battle in a mad scramble, leaving victory to the Imperials. 

We set up a second time, with Gary taking the Zenithians (with stats provided by Carl), while I had the Imperials. While the game lasted longer than the first, the Imperials eventually won out, with two squads brawling against a single surviving Zenithian squad. 

From these two games, we realized that a lot of terrain needed (the second game saw a rearranging of the table, with bushes scatted to break up the open spaces). A squad out in the open has a good chance of getting wrecked. We also figured that the Imperials may have been a little too beefy for their value, where they could out-shoot, out-brawl, and out-defend other equally pointed squads. 

We had fun, though, and the rules were simple enough to pick up quickly. Apparently Gary has some Robot Legion models, so we can expect those on the table in the future. 


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    1. It's all aquarium decorations! Relatively cheap and pre-painted. I need to grab some as well.