Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Gold Rush - Fistful of Lead AAR

Looking for some more old west gaming, Carl, Gary and I used a modified version of a scenario from the Fistful of Lead rulebook. 

Each player had a gang with nine members. Carl would be defending an army payroll shipment in the nearby saloon. Gary and I needed to get in, kill the soldiers, and escape with the gold - but while also dealing with each other.

The cavalrymen were enjoying themselves in the saloon.

Meanwhile, Stinky Dixon was prepping his band of outlaws for the big score.

And El Guapo and his Mexican fighters had finally tracked down where the stolen Incan gold had been taken.

A cavalryman or two noticed various groups of rough-looking folk moving on the other side of the street, but didn't think much of it.

Of course, it was a couple of men from Dixon's gang that started the whole mess. They walked up to the front door and opened fire on the soldiers on the bottom floor. All the shots missed, however, and one outlaw's gun jammed.

The cavalrymen, spooked, opened fired on the men out front. Others saw the Mexicans trying to sneak around the back and started shooting.

A trio of outlaws from Dixon's group entered into the firefight.

With the soldiers on the bottom floor falling to a hail of lead from both sides, the Mexican moved in to try and assault the saloon's top floor.

More of Dixon's men, who had been circling around behind the Mexicans, came forward.

By now, however, El Guapo's band had been badly mauled, and Dixon wasn't looking forward to forcing his men up the stairs to get at the gold. Both outlaw bands called it quits, retreating from the town and leaving the payroll in the hands of the soldiers.