Monday, February 6, 2017

Baltimork Corviks vs. Warpfire Vagabonds, League Game - Blood Bowl AAR

Kevyn and his Vagabonds were my scheduled opponents for last week's Blood Bowl league, so the Corviks took the field against the rats. The Vagabonds were being joined by Hakflem Skuttlespike.

Kevyn won the toss and elected to receive in the first half.

The Vagabonds made a push up one side of the pitch, until an unlucky dodge rule sent a rat to the ground.

Without many target, the Corviks hit what they could reach, while making a rush for the ball.

The Vagabonds tried to keep the ball away, but the unready Gutter Runner let the grotskin slip through his paws.

Sensing an opportunity, the Corviks put a beating on the Vagabonds. Somehow, a Black Orc managed to retrieve the ball.

The Vagabonds moved in, ready to take a few blows if it meant keeping the Corviks from breaking free and scoring.

The Corviks pushed back, gambling on wasting the clock before running the ball in.

But in a stunning turn of events, the Vagabonds knocked the ball loose!

The Vagabonds got the ball down the pitch, but lost the ball in a Corvik scrum.

The Corviks retrieved the ball and sent it flying right back.

With their numbers on the pitch dwindling, the Vagabonds tried their best to get at the ball.

But the Corviks couldn't be stopped, and ran the ball in for a point, ending the first half.

The game recommenced with the Vagabonds kicking.

The orcs' lack of creativity saw them gather up in a cage.

The Vagabonds fell back, waiting to see which way the cage would go.

It seemed as though the Corviks might try to run the ball up the unprotected flank.

The Vagabonds' speed allowed them to move to block the orcs.

Realizing subtlety wasn't their strong point, the Corviks decided to ram through the center.

The Vagabonds tried to jam up the progress of the orcs.

The Corviks tried breaking through, but a double-skull results saw a Corviks Blitzer go down to the ground.

The ball was open, but Nuffle's presence on the field was evident as a Vagabond trips while trying to get away from a Black Orc.

The Corviks take advantage of the lucky break, moving the ball up the pitch.

The Vagabonds made one last attempt to retrieve the ball, but failed. The Corviks ran the ball in for another point.

With only a few turns left in the second half, the Vagabonds were looking to at least get on the scoreboard.

The rats pushed hard down one side of the pitch.

An orc Blitzer failed to move away from Hakflem, but was tripped up by the Skaven Star Player.

The Vagabonds rushed into the open space, getting ready to break for the endzone.

The Corviks tried getting to the ball carrier, but couldn't push through the squeaking mass. The Skaven managed to make a gap large enough for the Gutter Runner to squeeze through and run the ball in for a point. And so the game ended with the Corviks winning 2-1.

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