Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Bad Moon Rising - Empire of the Dead AAR, Part 2

We continue in part two...

Death and its spirits clear the streets and go searching for more victims.

The Field of Screams continue to search for more victims to drag back to the cornfields.

The vampires continue to spread out, preceded by their swarms of bats.

Seeing the oncoming werewolves, the tank hits the breaks and begins to reverse as policemen try to move civilians out of the way.

Of course, the tank's gun jam and the chaplain's exorcism fails to do any damage. The pack looks to split between the police and the poltergeists.

A tenuous truce was struck between the werewolves and the pumpkin monsters, for the moment.

Van Helsing's gang make their way past the town's hall, looking for vampires.

And do they find some! The vampires have been busy draining and converting civilians, turning them into new thralls.

A pair of packmasters hit the edges of the police lines, attacking the tank and a hapless constable that got mixed up by accident.

The town begins to descend into chaos as the civilians are caught in a three way fight between the vampires, industrialists and the vampire hunters.

Small sections of the spirits and werewolves also get in on the action.

The Field of Screams invades the town's graveyard, not wishing to share real-estate with non-pumpkin based spirits.

The two packmasters kill the men crewing the tank, who stayed behind to cover the others' retreat. The flower lady managed to hold out against two wolves with nothing but a bouquet, but was finally dragged down.

The streets were filled with screams of terror, the roar of guns, and the hissing of vampires.

The vampire hunters were caught between spirits, werewolves, and vampires. Van Helsing was killed by a packmaster, never getting a chance to lay eyes on Dracula.

The Industrialists were hard pressed by the supernatural threats, trapped near the docks.

The Field of Screams crew completed its Occupy Death rally, forcing their way into the graveyard.

The group decided to call the game after three and a half hours of play. The vampires had secured victory, turning at least a dozen civilians into thralls and spreading throughout the town.

Despite some hiccups in the game, the group had fun. Gary did a great job of setting up the game and helping players unfamiliar with the rules. His next project looks to be a massive underwater GASLIGHT game, which sounds interesting!


  1. The I'm looking forward to doing this again next year. We learned a lot so next time will be even better.


    1. I had a great time as well! Looking forward to more big group games.