Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Whipped Out - Wrath of Kings AAR

As predicted, not only has another Wrath of Kings AAR made it onto the website, but it features some new additions from both Kevyn and me. 

My List (Shael Han, 10 Morale, Stand Your Ground)
Dragon Legion Keeper (Commander)
Big Sister
Black Lotus
Dragon Legionnaire x7
Wrath x3
Iron Lotus Warrior x8
Hong Yao
Shield of Taelfon

Kevyn's List (Goritsi, 9 Morale, No Confidence)
Hestra Nostrollo (Commander)
Skorza Alpha
Zeti War Dancer x10
Skorza Skirmisher x4
Duke Anton don Genoria
Ravenor Alpha

Turn one was the usual advancing on both sides. The Duke took a point of damage from his degenerating body.

The fighting began on both flanks. Hong Yao charged into the Ravenor and managed to score two hits. The Ravenor, attacking back with more dice now that it was hurt, did manage to get an Overkill on Hong Yao. But one of the two Will Checks saved the damage, and Hong Yao's resilience soaked up the rest of the damage. The Ravenor flew away, knowing a bad deal when it saw one. Two Skorza Skirmishers took its place, but failed to do any damage. Another Skirmisher ran into the Wrath group, but only got a wound as a reward.

The Zeti War Dancers tried to connect with the Iron Lotuses to make room for the Duke, but failed. The retaliatory strikes from the Lotuses' whips wiped half of the War Dancers from the table, and put another wound on the duke. The Black Lotus leader took her action to gain a Stand Your Ground marker, ready for the next turn.

After winning the initiative roll, I activated the Lotuses, removing the Stand Your Ground marker from the Black Lotus and taking a point from Kevyn's moral before getting a new one. The Duke and a few more War Dancers were wiped from the table. Kevyn tried getting the Ravenor into combat, but bad rolls only put a single hit on one of the Wraths.

Hong Yao was kept busy by the lake, while the Legionnaires kept moving together. Kevyn finished the turn with the War Dancer's counter strike, taking out a chunk of the remaining Iron Lotuses. I lost a point of Moral from a failed Will Check and the No Confidence motivation.

In the last turns, I managed to activate the Lotuses again, taking out the last of the War Dancer Infantry and removing another Stand Your Ground marker. The Lotuses were then removed by Hestra. The Ravenor took out two Wraths (and doing a point of moral damage from the No Confidence motivation) before being cut down by the Big Sister and the surviving Wrath.

The Legionnaires moved to close with the Skorza Alpha, and four of them used their action to gain a Stand Your Ground Marker. Kevyn managed to kill two of them (and I lost another two points of Moral), but their activation at the beginning of the next turn removed his last two Moral. Victory went to Shael Han, but only with a 2 point lead in Moral - a very close win. 

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